Minxsters scrim

Yesterday the Black Hearts travelled to York to enjoy a fun scrim with the York Minxsters. It was a great opportunity for our now captains to lead us on to the track with Martha Scarkill (Captain) and Beccaroo (Vice Captain) making their debut in their new roles. We had some friends with us for the day as we were honoured to have two awesome skaters from the Hallam Hellcats guest skating with us (thanks you two!). The scrim was a very close and hard thought game with the Black Hearts leading by just one point up until the final jam. A power jam in the final jam sealed it for the MIxsters though…

Fun times scrim with the Hellcats

It has been a fun packed weekend for the Black Hearts as we enjoyed a friendly & fun scrim on the 15th March with the Hallam Hellcats who are busy preparing for the British Championships.

Thanks for coming and scrimming with us!


Hallam Hellcats Rookie Bootcamp

Super Well Done to the Black Hearts who attended the Hallam Hellcats Rookie Bootcamp on Saturday!

A great time was had by all; a training session with Doug Hisgrave followed by a scrim.

And Blacks Hearts walked away with 4 out of 6 awards!

Block Widow - White Team - Best Jammer

AllKillMist - White Team - Best Blocker

Martha Skarkill - Black Team - MVP

Hans Yolo - Black Team - Best Blocker